Youth Sunday School

Youth Class:

In the Youth Class we model 2 Timothy 3:16-17. Here students are mentored for character, instructed in doctrine and equipped for every good work so they will engage in effective ministry. Teens are at the point in their lives where they need to know the truth of God, how to live a life pleasing to Him and what tasks He has called them to do. We are committed to awakening spirituality, reactivating the family and restoring the “broken world” experienced by our youth. This generation is unique in its spiritual curiosity, its awareness of problems all over the world and disengagement from the immediate family. While the need for Jesus is the same now as it has been throughout history, how we translate Jesus to a new generation matters. Teens are faced with challenges that prior generations did not confront. We are committed to making Jesus’ sacrifice for each of us real and teaching what it is to live for Him only. The Youth Class meets from 9:30 10:00 AM every Sunday in the Youth Room.