Small Groups

Small group formation is vital for everyone on their journey with Jesus. Here are several options to ‘plug’ into a small group at Emilie!

Acts 5:42 “Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ.” The early church began with Christians meeting in the homes of believers. In these homes the words of Jesus were discussed, concerns were prayed over. The early church was born and grew.

Today, just as it was over two thousand years ago, small groups of Christians gather to learn the scriptures, discuss the meaning of the scriptures and put into action the message they receive. Joys, concerns, family and work issues are discussed and prayed over by participants, who often become friends.

The congregation of Emilie United Methodist Church has several active small groups in which members and friends meet (in addition to Sunday morning services) for worship, Bible study, and fellowship. Members and non-members are welcome, and we hope that you will become part of one of these ministries.

Come join a small group! It is such a joy to get to know fellow Christians in a relaxed, informal setting while you study the Bible together. You will find that Sunday morning services become even more meaningful as you worship alongside the people you’ve shared with during the week. We have Small Group Bible studies that meet on different days of the week and at various times of the day. These Bible studies cover many topics that are scripture based, and are usually chosen or agreed upon by the group.

A list of our current small groups are below.

Woman’s Crafting Circle, 1st Monday of the month at 7 pm in room 211

  • Devotion, snack, crafting and fellowship.
  • If possible a small donation of $3-5 is asked to help cover the cost of craft supplies.
  • Contact Cindy Calderone (215-945-5502/

Women’s Bible Study, Wednesday’s @ 10 am in the Library

  • Studying the book of Acts, every other week
  • Contact Blanche Keeler (215-946-4971/

Bible Study, Wednesdays @ 7 pm in the Library

  • Bible Study
  • Contact Hal Ermer

Men’s Prayer Breakfast, Saturday’s @ 7:30 am in the Chapel

  • Prayer & Fellowship
  • Contact Frank Fabian (215-943-4610/

Sunday Morning Small Group, Sunday’s @ 9:30 am in room 211

  • Studying the Minor Prophets (June 17th-Sept 9th)
  • Contact Ben Menchhafor

Free Spirits Day Trips


    Thursday Sept. 12, 2019 Show is “Funny Money.” Includes bus, show and buffet lunch. Deposit of $40 by June 30th; balance of $55 by July 31st. If interested, see or call Carol Kocher, 215-946-5958.