At Emilie UMC, we believe . . . .

Our beliefs are:

  • God is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – a Triune God;
  • The Scriptures of the Old and New Testament are God’s living word for us;
  • We are all sinners and cannot save ourselves;
  • Salvation comes only through Jesus Christ, because of his life and teachings, his atoning death and resurrection, and his promised return;
  • Sanctification is the grace that draws us toward living a godly life of love, following Jesus’ commands;
  • We all have the free will to make choices and we are all accountable before God;
  • Grace is a gift from God, freely given to all people.

Our values are:

  • Biblical – all that we do is based on Scripture; the inspiration of Scripture is the grounding point for all facets of ministry.
  • Intentional – nothing we do is with out plan, procedure and especially purpose, for all that we do seeks to build the Kingdom.
  • Connectional – we are inclusive, intergenerational, and seek to engage the whole Body of Christ.