Worship Options


Online Worship

The online worship service will be available every Sunday beginning at 9:30AM on our Church Facebook Page. Worship can be viewed “live” at 9:30AM or anytime thereafter.

Call-In Worship

Call-In Worship available every Sunday at 9:30am by phone. Contact the church office for details on the call-in worship option.

In-Person Worship


Emilie’s leadership team has made the decision to suspend the in-person worship option into the new year. The leadership team has plans to meet again mid-January, where they will   evaluate statistics and recommended guidance to make the next decision on how best to  proceed. Please make arrangements to worship with us online or by phone the coming    Sundays. If you have any questions or would like any assistance with accessing the available worship options, please contact the church office or a member of the church staff.


If at any time you would like a member of the staff to call and pray with you or  just call to check in, please reach out and make us aware. We know that this has been a very challenging year for everyone, and we want to be the best support for our church family.

Modified In-Person Worship Sundays at 8:15am in the main Sanctuary. This service will be an abbreviated worship most resembling our blended worship service. Doors will open at 8am.

-View the what to expect when you worship in-person here-

For more information about our Worship Services, Please contact Rya

n Fleming our Director of Music and Worship – ryanfleming55@yahoo.com