Youth Mission Trip

When: June 21—27,

Where: Lorain County, OH

What: Community Rebuilding

This June 11 youth &  5 leaders from Emilie’s Jr & Sr High Youth Groups will travel to Lorain County Ohio to partner with Next Steps Ministry in serving & ministering to the community.


Lorain County is a strong and diverse community in the midst of the rebuilding process. The mission team will have the opportunity to serve families, with a focus on senior citizens, in Lorain County through home repair.


As of March 1, the Mission team has raised $3,642.49 through the fundraising efforts in 2019 as well as the first 2 months of 2020. In the months to come there will be various ways that you can help support this years mission team…

  • Upcoming Fundraisers
  • Sponsor a Youth Donations
  • Prayer
  • Donate change through the Coin Vortex in the Welcome Center


¨ Clothing Drop, Apr. 4th [Click Here], for more information about the items collected during this fundraiser.

¨ White Elephant Table at Spring Flea Market, May 30. Items will be collected for the youth to sell during the Flea Market to raise funds for the mission trip.

¨ Restaurant Night, TBD

¨ Sponsor a Youth*, Mar.-Jun. The cost per person for the Mission Trip is $600.  *To Sponsor a Youth, please donate using the “LOVE” Offering Envelopes located in the Narthex & on the bulletin board at the bottom of the ramp. Be sure to Note “Mission Trip” on the memo line.


Construction  90%, Community Activities / Immersion  5%, Relational Ministry  5%


Emilie has 16 members attending the mission trip to Long Island. The Mission team is made up of 5 adults and 11 Jr & Sr high youth. The Mission Team is funding this trip through fundraisers and donations from church members. As of March 1st, they have raised 36% of the $10,000 needed for the trip.



  1. Aiden F.
  2. Alex J.
  3. Ava F.
  4. Chloe J.
  5. Heaven K.
  6. Luke J.
  7. Lydia E.
  8. Kat J.
  9. Nate C.
  10. Nathan J.
  11. Michael R.


  1. Ann E.
  2. Cindy C.
  3. Dave P.
  4. Gina S.
  5. Todd E.

Please lift the Mission Team in prayer as they prepare their hearts to be the salt & light out in the world.