Sunday School (old)


The Mission of Our Sunday School

We are called to grow in Christ by:

studying the Word of God

listening to God’s call

fellowshiping with other Christians, and

serving others for Christ.


Sunday School Classes @ 9:30 AM (September to June)
Classes and Rooms are listed below.



Giggle and wiggle….run and sing….This is the wonderful world

of preschoolers.  Kids will delight in the games, drama, art,

music, stickers and cool puppets as they learn about God’s Word

and learning about being a child of God.


Kindergarten to Second Grade

Sunday School fun  – kids can touch…. see…. hear…. taste…

and smell!   Hands – on Bible School curriculum is just that:

Kids dive in and get involved, learning as they explore and

engage.  .


3rd to 5th Grade

Older children will delight in discovering the truth of God’s Word in

their lives as growing and discovering children of God.  Even the too-cool

5th grade guys will love this Sunday School curriculum.


Jr High-(grades 6-8th)

Being in Junior High can be tough!   Having an inquisitive mind and

an overwhelming desire to build real relationships is not an easy

combination to manage.   Find the answers to your biggest

questions about God, others and yourself as you plunge into

the Bible through activities and discussions.


9th to 12th Graders

Experience how the Bible meets everyday life as a teenager.   Join in lively

discussions on topics such as friendships, maturity, making decisions, and

relationships.   Conversations are geared to guide everyone toward a

life of faith.



Adult Sunday School Classes

Pairs & Spairs-Rm
Cathy Windland
Tip Toppers-Rm
Special Subject Classes (To be Announced – seasonally)
Pastor Andy Krpata, Pastor Ron Stott, Guest Facilitators

Sunday School Leadership

Sunday School Coordinator, Christa McCarrick

Emilie Church is a SAFE SANCTUARY place.    Safe Sanctuaries is an overt expression of a congregation in making a congregation a safe place where children and youth may experience the abiding love of God and fellowship within the community of faith.   For more information about SAFE SANCTUARY, please contact Emilie Church.


Emilie Church has place for you to worship God, learn God’s Word, serve God, and be in ministry for God.


Please VISIT us for Worship on Sundays at either 8 AM or 10:45 AM.