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Where we: Bring people to Christ, Grow people in Christ, Serve people for Christ.

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Upcoming Events

Emilie Day School Flea Market
Saturday, April 28th (8:00am - 1:00pm)
The Emilie Youth Mission Team will host the Emilie Mission Team Snack Stand & White Elephant Table

Clothing and Household Items Collection Saturday, May 5, 2018 (10:00am – 12:30pm) Click Here for more info!

Thought of the Week:
"In Defense of Doubt"

The strength of our faith does not come from certainty; it is forged in the furnace of doubt.
Scripture focus: John 20:19-31

[Click here to listen to the April 1st message]

Small Group Talking Points for the week of 4/8/18
1. In what way (s) do you relate to Thomas?
2. In what way (s) does the church take on the attitude of Thomas?
3. The confession: "My Lord, My God," what does this mean to you, and does it have implications for the church today?

Weekly Downloads
Weekly schedule of activities and meetings click here.
April 8th Worship Bulletin click here.


Worship Schedule

Traditional Worship 8:15 AM - Featuring Organ and Hymns

Contemporary Worship 10:30 AM - Featuring Praise Band

Sunday Morning Clubs for All Ages - 9:30 AM (Sept - May)

Professional childcare is available at 9:15 AM for children up to age 5 only.

We are located at 7300 New Falls Road, Levittown PA 19055, (215) 945 - 5502.

Christ invites everyone into his family. We would love to worship with you on Sunday!

Join Us Anytime

Church sociologist, Win Arn studied satisfied church members and discovered they had six things in common:

  • They attend regularly.
  • They have a place they serve somewhere in the church.
  • They develop at least six friendships with other members of the church.
  • They call the church "my church".
  • They give consistently to the church.
  • They invite others to their church.

  • If you are new to church, pick number one and start coming regularly. If you're already doing that, pick one of the other actions you're not doing and start doing that!