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Where we: Bring people to Christ, Grow people in Christ, Serve people for Christ.

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Thought of the Week:
When you're in trouble, where do you turn to for help?


  • When we're in trouble, we first turn to the ones we trust the most for help. And so we ask God in worship to provide for our needs and deliver us from evil.

  • Vertical Habits is a name given to the process of connecting words used in our relationship with people with words used to express these emotions to God.

  • The biblical Psalms are rich in the language of the Vertical Habits.

  • How many words that you use on a daily basis to communicate with others can also be used to strengthen your relationship with God?

  • Vacation Bible School - July 19-23. Click here for information. VBS

    Alternate Schedule for Sunday, July 5th

    10:00am - Combined Worship
    Children's Church and Nursery available

    >Regular Summer Schedule
    8:15 AM - Hymn Sing
    8:30 AM - Traditional Service with Organ
    9:30 AM - Fellowship Time
    10:15 AM - Contemporary Service with Praise Band
    10:15 AM - Children's Church
    Nursery is open from 10 am - Noon.

    7300 New Falls Rd, Levittown PA 19055, (215) 945-5502

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    Emilie Baseball Field Dedication. Click Here To Watch the Dedication.


  • Conversations on Tap, click here for details.

  • Download the weekly schedule of activities and meetings by clicking here.

    Check out the summer youth activity schedule by clicking here.

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    Be An Epiphany
    We are the disciples whom Christ has called . . . to turn away from self-love and self-service, to abandon a life lived for self-gratification or self-glory, and to serve God as an epiphany (manifestation) of the self-giving service of Jesus. True spirituality longs for, seeks for, and wills this abandonment of self so that Christ may become present through our work, our lives, and our relationships, manifesting his power. -Robert E. Webber, Ancient-Future Time: Forming Spirituality through the Christian Year (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2004), 88.

    Whether you’ve never been to church before, haven’t been in ages, or are just looking for a new place to worship, stop by Emilie United Methodist Church on Sunday and see what you have been missing!

    Discover how the church can help you reach your God-given potential and how together, we can change our community and the world!