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Celebrating 150 Years of Ministry

Where we: Bring people to Christ, Grow people in Christ, Serve people for Christ.

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Seeking? Wondering? Feeling Lost? Frustrated?

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What Matters Is That You Are Here!

Thought of the Week:
Where Jesus' Love Is One-of-a Kind

Weird Animals At Vacation Bible School We Learned:

  • Even when you’re left out, Jesus loves you.
  • Even though you’re different, Jesus loves you.
  • Even when you don’t understand, Jesus loves you.
  • Even though you do wrong, Jesus loves you.
  • Even when you’re afraid, Jesus loves you.
  • Sunday Summer Schedule

    8:00 AM - Traditional Service with Organ and Choir
    9:30 AM - Fellowship Time
    10:15 AM - Contemporary Service with Praise Band

    7300 New Falls Rd, Levittown PA 19055, (215) 945-5502

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    CONGRATS Team EMILIE for taking 3rd place in the regular church softball season!

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    Is church just a place you come to on Sundays because "you're supposed to," or because you like the music, or to see your friends & have some coffee? Do you ever feel like it should be more? Discover how the church can help you reach your God-given potential and how together, we can change our community and the world!